Međunarodni projekti

Od 2005. do 2008. godine:

  • PREWARC-517574/05 - Strategic plan for prevention of regional water resources contamination from mining and metallurgical industries in Western Balkan countries
  • INTERAT-509167/03 - Integrated treatment of industrial wastes towards prevention of regional water resources contamination
  • EMCO-509188/04 - Reduction of environmental risks, posed by emerging contaminants, through advanced treatment of municipal and industrial wastes
  • FA8655 - Rigorous mathematical modeling of an adsorption system with electrothermal regeneration of the used adsorbent
  • COWAMA no.04SER02/05/007 - Coastal Water Menagament
  • 200508003-4/MK/472.2 - Norwegian Cooperation Program on Research and Higher Education with the countries on the Western Balkans Marine science and coastal management in the Adriatic region, Western Balkans

Od 2009. godine:

  • NANOTECH FTM - Reinforcing of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Centre, FP7-REGPOT-2009-1
  • ENEXAL - Novel technologies for enhanced energy and exergy efficiencies in primary aluminium production industry, FP7 - ENERGY - 2009 – 2
  • GENIS LAB - The Gender in Science and Technology LAB, FP7 - SiS-2010-2.1.1-1
  • MATESA Advanced Materials and Electric Swing Adsorption Process for CO2 Capture, FP7-ENERGY-2013-1
  • MOD-FTSR - Modeling, optimization and dynamic analysis of fixed bed and milli-structured reactors for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, u saradnji sa Texas A&M iz Katara, finansiran od Fondacije Katar (Qatar Foundation)
  • TEMPUS MEM - Development and implementation of an International Joint Master Program and LLL courses on Material and Energy Flow Management (Project No.: 544364-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES)


  • E!3033 - BIONANOCOMPOSIT: Hydroxyapatite Nanocomposite Ceramics - New Implant Material For Bone Substitutes
  • E!3118 - EUROPEARN EUROPEAN WELDER: Education Of European Welders
  • E!3490 - HEALTHFOOD: Functional Food Ingredients From Plant Products
  • E!3524 - POLY-COMP: Polymer Matrix And Mineral Filler Compatibility For The Production Of Industrial Articles With Improved Properties
  • E!3595 - ECONTEC EWCT: European Welding Consultant Tool
  • E!3654 - EUROENVIRON BIOPOLS: Biodegradation Of Polymeric Substrates
  • E!3927 - MOSTIS: Mobile Structure’S Integrity System - Mostis
  • E!4040 - MEC-REC: Assessment Of Mechanical Recycling Technologies For Plastics
  • E!4043 - NANOVISION: Nanosilver For Multipurpose Textiles
  • E!4141 - ECOSAFETY: Measures For Providing Quality And Safety In The Food Chain
  • E!4208 - PUREWATER Natural Zeolites In Water Quality System
  • E!4569 - ALSHIP High Al-Mg Alloys for Ship Building
  • E!4486 - HEMIRON Research and development of blood derived haemoglobin for animal usage
  • E!4573 - PRO-FACTORY GPMS Global Project Management System for Distributed Industrial Companies
  • E!5348 - OLMOST Kontinualni nadzor konstrukcija izloženih dejstvu dinamičkog opterećenja
  • E!5851 - Fe Val Sustainable Materials and Products from Poultry Feather Wastes
  • E!6240 - PLANTCOSMEHEL Development of new products from plant material for health Improvement and Cosmetics
  • E!6735 - ESPAL Energy Savings by application of Electromagnetic Field in production of Alalloy billets by DC casting method
  • E!6749 - Biomimetika Biomimetic bioreactor systems for biomedical applications
  • E!6750 - ENZEGG Development of enzyme processes for production of egg white protein hydrolysates