Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry


Scientific research at the Department is carried out in several different fields: chemistry of coordination compounds and crystal engineering, solid state chemistry, materials science, many areas of crystallography (X-ray structural analysis of single crystals, polycrystalline and nanomaterials), micro- (zeolites and metallophosphates) and mesoporous materials, environmental chemistry, polymeric materials and macromolecules.

In the field of chemistry of coordination compounds and crystal engineering, research is focused on the synthesis, characterization and X-ray structural analysis of transition metal complexes and organic-inorganic hybrids. Materials as zeolite, metallophosphate and metalloarsenate type are also studied. The members of the Department are involved in the synthesis and the investigation of oxide and phosphate systems of the spinel-type, doped bismuth oxides, and ferrites with nanoscale particles. Nanomaterials for very different purposes based on the oxides of zinc, titanium, cerium, and some other metals are synthesized by mechanochemical and hydrothermal processes.

Within the environmental chemistry, members of the Department are engaged in the development of appropriate methods of analysis and investigation of water, sediment and soil pollution with organic contaminants.

In the field of chemistry of macromolecules, the mechanism and kinetics of the polycondensation reactions, as well as the relationship between the synthesis, structure and rheological properties of stereoregular polycondensation polymers and ionomers are studied. Rheological behavior of modified bitumens is investigated in the area of polymer rheology.

There is extensive scientific cooperation with many institutions abroad, including: the National Institute of Chemistry and the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the Laboratory of Crystallography (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland), the NMR centers at the Institut de Recherches sur la Catalyse (Villeurbanne, France) and the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (Tallinn, Estonia), the Geological Institute of the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the Kansas Polymer Research Center at the Pittsburgh State University (USA), the Ruđer Bošković Institute and the Faculty of Science in Zagreb (Croatia), as well as the Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography of the University of Vienna (Austria).

Teachers and researchers of the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry teach the following subjects at the undergraduate level: General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Macromolecules, Fundamentals of Solid State Chemistry, as well as several courses at MSc and PhD studies.

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