Department of Social Sciences

Department of Social Sciences covers the area of social sciences which have been taught at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy from its beginning until today. In the period from 1959 to 1973 the department functioned under this name and in 1973 it was transformed into the Institute of Social Sciences. As such unit it dealt with teaching and scientific research activities until 1978 when it regained its previous name: Department of Social Sciences.

In the period 1975-2005 the department went through a huge transformation in the aspects of teaching and scientific research and syllabus changes. It involved various social, economic and humanistic disciplines in accordance with the needs of engineering development as will as the development of modern technology. Evolution of these disciplines changed over the time so various courses were introduced: Basis of Social Sciences, Sociology, Economics and Organization of Production, Political Economy, Theory of Self Management, Economics, Ecology and Society and foreign languages: English, Russian, French and German.

Since 2005 when Bologna Declaration was introduced some new disciplines were included, first of all –Management and Sustainable Development. From that time on the department has taught the following subjects: Sociology, Economics for Engineers, Business Economics and Management and English language, the courses which attend all the students at pre-graduate studies. Along with obligatory subjects the department included some optional ones for some programs such as: Sustainable Development, Organization of Technology Transfer, Basis of Marketing, Industrial Management. The department has taken an active part in master and doctoral studies where these subjects are taught: Economics and Sustainable Development, Management of Technological Development, Human Resources Management, Energy Economics.

The staff at the department is included in a great number of specialized scientific associations and their management bodies such as: Sociological Society of Serbia, Scientific Association of Economists of Serbia and Montenegro, Association of Economists of Belgrade, Association of Energetics of Serbia and Montenegro. The members of the department cooperate with numerous scientific and research institutes in the country: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Political Sciences of University of Belgrade; Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of International Politics and Economics, Institute of Economic Sciences. Member of the staff also cooperate with a number of international universities and scientific institute, mostly in the area of exposing and publishing scientific results in various journals (London, Paris, Stockholm, Rome). The department is especially oriented towards studying contemporary social, economic and management changes and processes, as well as studying the problems of tendencies and consequences of technological development, ecology and sustainable development. The members of the department are the authors of a great number of scientific papers published in domestic and international journals, university text books and monographers, and they take an active part in realization of many projects in the fields of basic and applied researches which are funded by the Ministry of Science of Republic of Serbia.

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