Department of Textile Engineering

Department of Textile Engineering of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy is the oldest academic educational institution in the field of textile technology in Southeastern Europe, founded in 1959. In the period since its foundation, the educational profile and teaching curricula of the Department were constantly modified and adapted to both global textile technology and domestic textile industry developments and needs. Constant modernization and involvement of the latest concepts of textile technology enabled providing an education that meets the highest European and global trends and standards, which positioned the Department of Textile Technology at the level of respectable textile universities in Europe and worldwide.

High-quality education, as a basic function of the Department, is organized through two different study domains i.e. modules: “Technology and design of textile and clothing” and “Chemical technology of textile materials and products”. Since 2005 teaching at the Department of Textile Engineering is organized according to the principles of European Higher Education Area (Bologna convention). Since 2008 teaching is conducted through „Textile technology“ study program based on the 3+2 years model. By this model, Bachelor level studies last 3 years and provide title – Engineer of technology (Textile technology), while additional 2 years of Master program provide title – Master engineer of technology. After Master studies, students can continue education at Doctoral (PhD) level.

Scientific research of the members of the Department of Textile Engineering is conducted mainly through fundamental and applied research, as well as technology transfer, having a clear multidisciplinary character and with the ultimate goal of introducing new technologies. Actual fields of research developed at the Department are: Functionalization of cellulose materials (fibers/films/foils); Bioactive fibrous materials; Structure, mechanical properties and deformation of woven fabrics; Determination of the mechanical properties of textile materials; Determination of the electro-physical properties of textile materials; Thermo-responsive textiles; Thermal comfort; Tactile comfort; UV protection; Sorbents; Plasma modification of textiles; Material surface engineering; Functional finishing; Functionalization of textiles with nanoparticles; Biopolymer application in textile technology; Interactive (Smart) textile materials.

Both education and research conducted at the Department of Textile Engineering are in agreement with the platform of textile engineering university education and research in textile technology, ratified by the Association of Universities for Textiles in Europe (AUTEX), to which the Department is full member since 1998. By being AUTEX member, the Department is maintaining continuous cooperation in the fields of education and research with 33 universities from 27 countries throughout Europe and worldwide.

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