Department of Analytical Chemistry and Quality Control

The Department of Analytical Chemistry and Quality Control has been established as an educational and research unit since 1961. Department gives eleven different courses on undergraduate study for almost 250 students of the Faculty per year and also nine for Master and nine for PhD students.

The scientific work of the members of the Department has developed in different fields of analytical chemistry. Most of the research at the Department can be centered on the development of physical and chemical methods for the analysis of the composition, structure and qualitative properties of different materials, as well as their application.

Research activities at the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Quality Control are mainly focused on:

  • instrumental spectroscopic analysis (mass spectrometry);
  • membrane separation processes;
  • methods of surface analysis is applied in the investigation of organic and inorganic compounds and the characterization of glassy carbon, carbon fibers and chemical sensors;
  • electroanalytical methods and chemical sensors have been developed for the research of water pollutants, pesticides, explosives and monitoring of biochemical reactions;
  • separation methods, mathematical modeling and measurement and regulation in the chemical industry;
  • chemometrics;
  • control of water and air quality parameters.

The Department of Analytical Chemistry and Quality Control has accomplished broad scientific cooperation with a number of universities from Europe, the USA and Canada: Purdue University (Indiana, USA), City College of Swansea (UK), University of Toronto (Canada), Trent University (Peterborough, Canada), Academy of Technology (Voronyezh, Russia), Chemical Faculty of Samarkand and Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Oregon State University (Oregon, USA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts, USA), State University of Massachusetts, (Amherst, USA),Twente University, (Nederlands).

Members of the Department have been involved in a number of fundamental, technological and strategic innovation projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development as well as in several international projects (in cooperation with partners from Italy, Norway, Montenegro, Canada, Russia and other countries).

You can watch the video related to the activities at the department on the link:

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