Department of Printing Engineering

Department of Printing Engineering was established in 1974, together with Independent Group for Printing techniques. Foundation of the department was initiated by Yugoslav Chamber of Commerce, University of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia and the Association of Printing Industry of Yugoslavia, and implementation was entrusted to professors Ostoja Stojanović and Siniša Stanković from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. In such a way the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy became the only center in Yugoslavia, that gives a degree in this field. Printing shop of Students Union was included in the newly formed Department and became its laboratory.

During the period from foundation of the Department to date, educational plans and programs has been gradually developed and new courses and curricula introduced, in accordance with the development of printing technology in the world and the needs of the printing industry in our country. Over the past year curricula were changed several times and independent group has grown into a profile. Today, the education in the field of printing industry is held within the study profile Printing engineering, design and packaging, which is a part of study program Materials engineering. Printing shop of Students Union has grown into R&D center, which, in addition to its production function, represents the laboratory for educational purposes and research and development.

The scientific work of the Department members included the fundamental and applied research with the aim of developing new processes and technologies for: new printing plates for letterpress and offset techniques, UV curable coatings for flexography and microelectronics; quality control methods and the standardization of printing processes, printing ink transfer mechanisms on various substrates in different printing technologies; gluing processes; solving environmental problems caused by printing pollutants; picture and text computer processing; new raw materials for manufacturing pulp and paper.

Members of the Department of Printing Engineering played a significant role in the creation of curriculum of the new study profile: Printing engineering, Design and Packaging. They teach, participate in teaching or participate in the creation of the curriculum of a large number of courses for students who choose to study this profile:

  • Composite materials
  • Printing engineering basics
  • Design of graphic products
  • Prepress
  • Printing technology
  • Printing forms
  • Finishing and packaging
  • Printing inks and adhesives
  • Graphic arts software
  • Standardization and quality in printing industry
  • Web design and electronic publishing
  • Packaging materials
  • Printing of packaging materials
  • Materials processing using printing methods
  • Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies

Today, the Department of Printing Engineering educates engineers of technology, which are completely trained and fully versed in the specifics of manufacturing and printing of the various printing products and packaging made of different materials. Professors constantly improve their courses, in order to enable those future engineers to work in state of the art systems. We expect that our colleagues with a degree in engineering studies (B.Sc.), would be able to lead and improve the production, as well as to design new processes and systems in the:

  • Packaging industry;
  • Printing industry;
  • Paper Industry.

Our engineers will also be able to make a significant contribution in other industries, everywhere where the finished products are packed in various packaging forms.

Department of Printing Engineering has a very active role in the realization of the subject Computer Basics, which is attended by all students of the first year of undergraduate studies, as well as teaching some elective courses to master's and doctoral studies.

Department cooperates with other higher education institutions in emerging neighboring countries, and has an active role in making curricula for vocational schools of printing.

Department of Printing Engineering was for many years one of the major organizer of the already traditional International symposium in the fields of cellulose, paper, graphics and packaging industries.

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