Department of Technical Physics

In 1995, Department of Technical Physics consisted of 10 members: 4 lecturers (3 full professors and 1 - assistant professor) and 6 cooperators (1 assistant, 2 teaching assistants and 3 research associates). Nowadays, the Department has 5 lecturers (3 full professors - Rajko Šašić, Saša Kočinac and Boris Lončar, and 2 assistant professors - Stanko Ostojić and Aco Janićijević). In aforementioned period, 3  full professors have retired (Damjana Simić, Gojko Dimić, Tatjana Konjajeva Mihajlidi), 1 assistant professor (Julijana Georgijević), 1 assistant (Mihailo Mitrinović) and 1 research associate (Milutin Mirjanić), while to the Department was admitted  1 assistant  (Stanko Ostojić) and 1 teaching assistant (Dragana Nikolić, who later left the Department).

Basic scientific areas developed at the Department are physics of ionized gasses, physics of materials, solid state electronics, quantum electronics, laser techniques, radiation physics, radiation protection and crystallography. Lecturers and cooperators of the Department have published a significant number of papers in leading international journals regarding atomic emission spectroscopy, mechanical phenomena and metrology of textile materials, electrical and optical characteristics of nanostructures, analysis and modeling of phenomena occurring in semiconductor devices, light scattering, radiation and temperature resistance as well as reliability of semiconductor components and devices, measurement of radon concentration and crystallization.

From  1995- 2000, lecturers and cooperatives of the Department have been engaged in the realization of  a number of grants supported by the Ministry of Sciences and Technology of the Government of Republic of Serbia: 3 scientific grants (Analysis of shaping phenomena and complex textile transformation of textile fibers and fibers of extreme characteristics for gaining textile and other specific purpose materials, with 2 sub grants: Physical-mechanical phenomena of woven and unconventional textile materials, and Possibility of expanding the metrological base for adequate monitoring of textile materials characteristics;  Microelectronics, optoelectronics and micro system technologies - subgrant Modeling of electronic processes and components; Physics of oxide and semiconductor materials; subgrant: Transport and optical properties of semiconductor superlattices) and 2 grants regarding technological development (Development and improvement of equipment for thermo energy plants in order to improve exploitation of domestic energy sources; subgrant   Renewable energy sources - solar energy: Composite surface steel structures).

From 2002 - 2005, Members of the Department were part of the following grants supported by the Ministry of Sciences and Environmental Protection of the Government of Republic of Serbia: 4 basic research area grants (Theoretical analysis of electrical and optical characteristics of nanostructures: Physics of thin semiconductor layers for nuclear detectors and photovoltaic solar cells; Radiation  protection physics: Dielectric, optical and transport properties of crystal and amorphous materials:)  and one technological development grant: Development of agro cellular fibers  and fiber like materials based on the domestic nature available bio-renewable resources (hemp) for need of textile industry  and industry of high quality  paper).   

The following grant period  from 2006-2010, the employees of the Department took part in the 4 basic research grants (Nanostructures and nanocomponents  in physical electronics: Dielectrical, optical and transport properties of protonic conductors; Radiation protection - fundamental, theoretical and experimental physical aspects; and Physics of electromagnetic and radiative compatibility of electric materials and components.  

In the ongoing grant period from 2011- 2015, stuff of the Department are engaged in two basic research projects (Physical and functional effects of radiation interaction with electronic and bio systems; and Experimental and theoretical research in radiation physics and radioecology, and 3 grants of integral-interdisciplinary research: Common research of measurement and influence of ionizing UV radiation in medicine and environmental protection, Astroinformatics: application of IT in astronomy and related disciplines; and Optoelectronic and nanodimensional systems  -  towards application).

In the last twenty years, members of the Department have established an intensive cooperation with Institute of Nuclear sciences Vinča, Institute of physics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering-Belgrade,   Faculty of Sciences-Kragujevac, as can be seen from grants and results achieved. All mentioned institutions were principal leaders of the grants. Furthermore, members of the Department took active part in cooperation with other Departments of TMF and have been a part of 2 grants: one led by Department of Textile engineering and other one by Department of Metallurgy.

In the previous period, members of the Department were coauthors of 4 monographs of national importance and one chapter in monograph of international significance.

During the same period, two revised and expanded editions of Physics textbook were published, as well as revised and expanded edition of Solved Problems in Physics, a new edition of laboratory manual Metrology in Physics - advanced course D, Working papers for laboratory exercises in Physics. In 2007. the first edition of Solved Exam Problems in Physics by Saša Kočinac, Rajko Šašić and Boris Lončar was published.

Of exceptional importance is activity of Depertment stuff on international level. In period from 2002-2005, members of the Department were engaged in TEMPUS project of European Union titled "Improvement of Physic courses on technical faculties" which was  realized in cooperation with United City College, London (Great Britain) and University of  Technology, Delft (Holland), along with Departments of Technical physics from Faculties of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. Besides, Lecturers and cooperatives of the Department have significant scientific cooperation with University of Leeds (Great Britain), Karlsruhe Institute of Nuclear Research (Germany),

In the aforementioned period stuff of the Department have had honorary engagements  in  a number of teaching (research) institutions such as Faculty of Technology in Zvornik, Faculty of Sciences in East Sarajevo, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade, School of Engineering - Tehnikum Taurunum in Zemun.

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