Faculty activities

TMF catalogue

Educational activity of the Faculty is performed through studies, including the special forms of study for knowledge upgrading and continuous professional education and training.

The Faculty provides Undergraduate, Specialized, Master and Doctoral studies.

Scientific activity

Scientific, professional and educational activities are parts of the unique scientific and academic activity of the Faculty.

Scientific activity is performed as one of the Faculty activities with equal power within its overall activity.

Scientific work is performed through basic, applied and development research, which is carried out for the purpose of developing the science and profession, raising the quality of teaching, uprading the scientific and professional level, developing the scientific and teaching staff, engaging students into the scientific work, as well as creating material conditions for operations and development of the Faculty. 

As an educational and scientific research institution, the Faculty performs the following activities:

Educational activity

University level education

Research and experimental development in the natural sciences and technological development

Technical faculty


Research and experimental development in the technical and technological sciences

Research and experimental development in non-specified natural sciences

Technical testing and analysis



Other architectural, engineering and technical activities

Consulting and management

Consulting and computer program designing

Other computer related activities

Other legal affairs – expertise
Publishing activities

Publishing books, brochures and other publications

Printing and related services

Reproduction and folding

Other printing related activities


Book trade