Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology

Lectures at the Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology are carried out within undergraduate and graduate studies at two study programs: Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering. Within Chemical Engineering program at the profile of Inorganic Chemical Technology, teaching is covering fields of ceramics and glass technology, construction and refractory materials, drinking water and industrial water treatment, combustion, technology of mineral fertilizers, inorganic acids and salts as well as chemical thermodynamics of inorganic chemical technology. Lectures at Materials Engineering program include analysis of structure, properties, phase equilibrium, processing and application of ceramic materials. Teaching for the most of the subjects is supported by laboratory work performed on modern equipment and devices for materials characterization.

Research activities at the department of Inorganic Chemical Technology are focused on different fields of inorganic chemical technology and engineering of ceramics materials: synthesis, characterization and investigation of biocompatibility of bioceramics based on hydroxyapatite and calcium–phosphates; obtaining and characterization of glass and glass–ceramics materials; development of new sorbents for removal of pollutants from water by natural minerals modifications, synthesis of photo– catalysts based on titanium(IV)–oxide for decomposition of water pollutants; development of photovoltaic systems based on titanium(IV)–oxide; synthesis of ceramic powders by sol-gel methods, hydrothermal processes, “”spray–pyrolysis” and solid state reactions; application of different sintering techniques for the purpose of obtaining dense ceramic materials; determination of thermodynamic properties of multicomponent electrolyte solutions and solubility measurements using isopiestic method.

Members of the Department are participating in realization of numerous fundamental and applied national projects as well as international projects in the scope of EUREKA and FP7 programs. Within realization of these international projects the Department established close cooperation with: National Institute of Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics, Bucharest (Romania), Riga Technical University (Latvia), Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Strasbourg (France), European Center for Nanostructured Polymers, Terni (Italy) and others.

Department of Inorganic Chemical Technology is one of the founders of Nanotechnology and Functional Materials Centre at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy University of Belgrade – NANOTECH FTM, which is accredited as a center of excellence in the fild of natural, mathematical, technical and technological sciences.

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