Петар Ускоковић


Dr Petar Uskoković, professor

Department of printing engineering/Department of materials engineering

Office: main building 237

email: puskokovic@tmf.bg.ac.rs

phone: +38111 3370425


Current positions:

  • Full professor (2010-) and vice-dean (2012-) for science and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade.
  • President of the Academic Council of Technical Sciences of the University of Belgrade (2015-)
  • President of the Assembly of the Institute for General and Physical Chemistry (2015-)


Visiting positions:

  • Visiting professor at the Laboratoire de Mecanique Appliquee (CNRS), Universite de Franche-Comte, Besancon, France (2003)
  • Research Associate: Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (2003/2004)


Courses taught:

Biomaterials (undergraduate – Biochemical engineering and biotechnology study program; Pharmaceutical engineering module); Biocomposite materials (doctoral studies – Materials engineering), Composite materials (undergraduate studies – Materials engineering), Nanocomposite materials (undergraduate studies – Materials engineering), Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials (master studies – Chemical engineering)

Supervised: 2 PhD dissertations, 4 master thesis and 17 diploma thesis. Served as Committee member for 15 PhD dissertations and 15 master thesis. Supervises 7 student of PhD studies



  • Professional Board of the University of Belgrade (2014-)
  • Committee for Science and Technology Park Zvezdara (2014-15)
  • Institute for Standardization of Serbia: Technical Committees A207 – Environmental management; and Z229 – Nanotechnologies (2015-)
  • Board member of the Center for cellulose, paper, packaging and graphics (2007-)
  • Assembly of the Innovation center of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, UB (2012-)


Reviewer/expert for calls and funds:

  • ERC (FP7 and Horizon 2020); Research Grants Council of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; the Promotion Committee of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; The Royal Society - International Exchanges Scheme - 2013/R2 (inc CNRS); Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF); and Accreditation Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Serbia (Bachelor, Master and PhD studies), 2009, 2013.


Conference/Journal - Chaired/Editorship:

  • Member of the Organizational and Program Committee boards more than 15 int. Conferences;
  • Chaired 3 International Conferences/Workshops: First International Conference on Processing, characterisation and application of nanostructured materials and nanotechnology, NanoBelgrade 2012, Belgrade, Serbia, September 26-28, 2012.; Second International Workshop on Characterization, properties and applications of nanostructured ceramics, polymers and composites, Belgrade, Serbia, October 24-25, 2011.; First International Workshop on Processing of nanostructured ceramics, polymers, and composites, Belgrade, Serbia, November 29-30, 2010.;
  • Guest Editorship: Surface Engineering; Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society.


Most significant international scientific projects:

  • Project or Work package leader in numerous international scientific projects: QIMSEE project, Quality Improvement of Master programs in Sustainable Energy and Environment - HERD Energy; TEMPUS MEM - Development and implementation of an International Joint Master Program and LLL courses on Material and Energy Flow Management; FP7 Regpot-2009–1 NANOTECH FTM, Grant No. 245916; EUREKA E!5851 FeVal, Sustainable Materials and Products from Poultry Feather Wastes; EUREKA E!4040 Mec-Rec, Assessment of mechanical recycling technologies for plastics; EUREKA E!3524 Poly-Comp, Polymer matrix and mineral filler compatibility for the production of industrial articles with improved properties; France-Serbian Project – Pavle Savic-451-01-1278 (Damage detection in filament-wound composite tubes by using embedded optical fibers); Hong Kong PolyU Research Fund projects: G.45.37.YD67 (Development of inorganic particle filled UHMWPE biocomposites with enhanced wear resistance); (Effects of crazing on polymer matrix biocomposites); and G-YG42 (In situ forming of biopolymer for programmable degradation properties).


Most significant national scientific projects:

  • Synthesis, design of technology and applications of nanostructured multifunctional materials with defined properties, Integrative and interdisciplinary research, Project code: III 45019; Application of functionalized carbon nanotubes and gold nanoparticles for preparation of dendrite cells in tumour therapy, Project Code: 175102; Synthesis of functional materials with controlled structure on molecular and nano level, Project code: 142006; Project of technology and equipment for fabrication of hybrid insulating composites based on recycled glass fibers, Project code: 6744; Molecular design of monolith and composite materials, Project code: 1431 – granted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of Serbia, etc.


Technical projects:

  • Management of polymer waste on the territory of Belgrade municipality, City of Belgrade, Secretariat for Environmental Protection, 2011-2014.
  • Technological projects (GPTEH): Centres for waste recycling of Municipalities (Majdanpek 2256/1, 2012; Trstenik 1677/1, 2011; Valjevo 1572/1, 2011 and Kraljevo 1941/1, 2011).
  • 21 technical projects related to new prototypes, equipment, fabricationb route, etc. (please see the chapter in serbian)



  • Fabrication of composite materials as unidirectional thermoplastic prepregs based on recycled PET reinforced with glass fibers, Special prize at the Serbian best National Technical Innovation (NTI) contest 2014, team: EKOARMATURA.
  • Functionally gradient composite hybrid materials with enhanced resistance to impact, 2nd place at the Serbian best National Technical Innovation (NTI) contest 2011, team: NANOFGM.
  • Bundles of optical fibers and hybrid lightguides for optoelectronic devices and solar systems, 3rd place at the Serbian best National Technical Innovation (NTI) contest 2007, team: SVETLOVODI.
  • New generation of composites based on recycled constituents, Plastika Kladovo-TMF, 28th Exhibition of inventions, new technologies and industrial design, Innovations-Belgrade 2008, Nikola Tesla silver medal.
  • Method for damage detection in laminate thermoplastic composite materials using optical fibers as sensors, 23rd Exhibition 'Inventions Belgrade 2003' and 4th Exhibition with internaltional participation in inventions and new technologies 2003'. Golden plaqette.


Books/monographs (in Serbian):

  • R. Aleksić, P. Uskoković, I. Živković, Composite materials, TMF, Belgrade, 2015, 446p.
  • M. Krgović, D. Ošap, V. Konstantinović, O. Perviz, P. Uskoković, Testing of printing materials, TMF, Belgrade, 2006, 172p. ISBN 86-7401-229-9.
  • P.S. Uskoković, R.R. Aleksić, Optical fibers as sensors for detection of mechanical damage in composite materials, TMF, Belgrade, 2005, 136p. ISBN 86-7401-219-1.
  • I. Balać, P. Uskoković, Numerical and experimental determination of mechanical properties of particulate reinforced composite materials, Faculty of Mechanical Eng. Univ. Belgrade, 2012, 94p, ISBN 978-86-7083-751-5.
  • P. Uskoković, I. Balać, chapter: Modeling of the micromechanics in particulate composite biomaterials (p. 438-463), and chapter: Nanomechanical characterization of biomaterials, (p. 464-480) - in: Biomaterials, Eds. D. Raković, D. Uskoković, ITN SANU and Yu-MRS, 2010, 868p, ISBN 978-86-80321-23-3.


5 significant SCI journal papers

(over 70 overall https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=U-gAl_AAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao)

  • M. Grkovic, D. Stojanovic, A. Marinkovic, A. Kojovic, S. Strnad, R. Aleksic, P.S. Uskokovic, PEO nanocomposite reinforced with graphene and keratin functionalized by ultrasonic irradiation, RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 91280-91287.
  • M. Colic, T. Dzopalic, S. Tomic, J. Rajkovic, R. Rudolf, G. Vukovic, A. Marinkovic, P. Uskokovic, Immunomodulatory effects of carbon nanotubes functionalized with a Toll-like receptor 7 agonist on human dendritic cells, Carbon, 67 (2014) 273-287
  • L. Valentini, M. Cardinali, M. Grkovic, P.S. Uskokovic, F. Alimenti, L. Roselli, J. Kenny, Flexible transistors exploiting P3HT on paper substrate and graphene oxide film as gate dielectric: Proof of concept, Science of Advanced Materials, 5 (2013) 523-526
  • Z. Veličković, G.D. Vuković, A.D. Marinković, M-S. Moldovan, A.A. Perić-Grujić, P.S. Uskoković, M.Đ. Ristić, Adsorption of arsenate on iron(III) oxide coated ethylenediamine functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes, Chemical Engineering Journal, 181-182 (2012) 174-181
  • G.D. Vuković, S.Z. Tomić, A.D. Marinković, V. Radmilović, P.S. Uskoković, M. Čolić, The response of peritoneal macrophages to dapsone covalently attached on the carbon nanotube surface, Carbon, 48 (2010) 3066-3078