HHP412 - Process Design in Chemical Engineering

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Course titleProcess Design in Chemical Engineering
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    ConditionMechanical Unit Operations, Thermal Unit Operations, Mass Transfer Unit OperationsОблик условљености
    The goalMain objective of the course is to introduce students with the basic principles of process design and selection of equipment, especially for the chemical and petrochemical industry. Use of typical simulation software for process simulation and design. Substantive development of the process based on selected project example.
    The outcomeStudents attain knowledge needed for the process design and equipment selection using ; software for process design, such as Design II, ChemCad etc. for design or rating of parts of the real industrial plant as well as new equipment design. Students attain experience of team work and learn about role of chemical process engineer in project team.
    Contents of lecturesTypes of projects and process design data. Process scheme design according to the investigated process. Material and energy balance. Process balancing for different process equipment, such as heat exchangers, fired heaters etc, two-phase and three phase separators with. Process simulation with absorption, distillation etc (vapor-liquid equilibria calculation). Flow regime determination (single or two-phase flow). Process efficiency and optimization. Economical analysis of process. ;
    Contents of exercisesProcess calculation and simulation using different softwares.. ;
    1. "Design „ Refernence Manual,, 2013 (Original title)
    2. Ludvig, E, Applied Process Design for chemical and petrochemical plants, Volume 1,2 i3, 1979 (Original title)
    3. W. D. Seider, J. D. Seider, D. R. Lewinn, Product and Process Design Principles. Synthesis, Analysis and Evaluation, John Wiley and Sons, 2003. (Original title)
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