D191 - Electrochemical kinetics and experimental methods

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Course titleElectrochemical kinetics and experimental methods
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goal• Comprehend the electrochemical reactions as complex heterogeneous processes ; • Learn to analyze the factors that affect the reaction rate ; • Master electrochemical methods and familiarize with some of the non-electrochemical methods used for characterization of electrochemical processes (to understand their capabilities and limitations, select appropriate method and to analyze the results)
    The outcomeStudent is capable to: ; • Read scientific literature independently and critically ; • Examine electrochemical reactions in the fields of electrocatalysis, corrosion, electrodeposition of metals, electrochemical synthesis etc. ; • Present the experimental results clearly ; • Study various fields of electrochemical engineering and technologies using knowledge and skills acquired during this course
    Contents of lectures1. Phenomenological approach to the kinetics of electrochemical reactions (reaction under activation and activation-diffusion control, reaction with preceding homogeneous chemical reaction, reaction with adsorbed intermediates) ; 2. Theoretical consideration of electron transfer on the metal/solution and semiconductor/solution interface ; 3. Electrochemical methods of measurements (electrochemical instrumentation, organizing electrochemical experiments, steady-state measurements, chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry, cyclic voltammetry and spectroscopy of electrochemical impedance) ; 4. Non-electrochemical methods in study of the electrochemical reactions and characterization of electrode materials (electrochemical quartz nanobalance, electrochemical scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, differential mass spectroscopy etc).
    Contents of exercisesTraining for use of computerized potentiostat and application of one of the electrochemical methods of measurement in study of selected electrochemical reaction
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