D122 - Bioactive substances in cosmetics products

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Course titleBioactive substances in cosmetics products
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goalThe goal of this course is to enable the students to work in biotechnological manufacturing of active substances that could be effectively applied in cosmetic products. The course was also intended to provide students with knowledge and skills in the formulation and manufacture of bioactive cosmetic products. ;
      The outcomeUpon completion of the course the student should be able to use the specialized knowledge that would enable him to properly choose the active components for the formulation of cosmetic products, creates safe and high-quality products, maintain and improve processes for their production, appropriately preserve and control their quality.
      Contents of lecturesThe course introduces students to the active substances used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, their effect on the skin, methods of production and formulation, as well as methods of encapsulation and controlled release. Instruction includes the following chapters: cosmeceuticals; interaction of the active substance and the skin; active substances of plant origin; active substances of biotechnological origin; vitamins; hydroxy acids, proteins and peptides; polysaccharides; antioxidants; lipids, protection of active components .
      Contents of exercisesStudy research is related to the choice of active components, their characteristics and effects on the skin, the possibility of production, purification and characterization.
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