14IIM313 - Properties of polymer materials

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Course titleProperties of polymer materials
Study programmeMaterial Engineering
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      ConditionPolymer materialsОблик условљености
      The goalStudents acquire knowledge on different properties of polymers in solution, in melt and in solid state. Students are getting familiar with phase and physical states of polymers. Effect of different parameters on the polymer properties and experimental techniques for their determination are also discussed.
      The outcomeAfter the students fulfilled all the requirements and passed the exam, they acquired knowledge on phase and physical states of polymers and polymer properties. They are capable of relating properties of the investigated polymer to its structure, and of predicting the influence of different factors on the relevant properties of polymer. They also can choose proper experimental techniques for required measurements, and to process the obtained data.
      Contents of lectures Definitions of molar masses and molar mass distribution. Methods of molar mass determination. Methods of molar mass distribution determination. Polymer solubility. Solubility parameter. Polymer swelling. Importance of gells and their characterization. Polymers in solid state. Phase and physical states of polymers. Changes of thermodynamic parameters at melting temperature and glass transition temeprature. Effect of different factors on glass transition temeprature and melting temperature. Polymer morphology. Degree of crystalinity of polymers and its determination.Thermal properties of polymers. Mechanical properties of polymers. Electrical properties of polymers and methods of determination. Permeability properties of polymers and methods of determination. Rheological properties of concentrated polymer solution and polymer melts and methods of determination.
      Contents of exercisesDetermination of number average molar mass by osmometry. Determination of molar mass of macromolecules by viscometry. Determination of molar mass distribution by gel permeation chromatography. Determination of melting temperature and glass transition temeprature by DSC. Thermogravimetric analysis of polymers. Determination of stress-strain diagram. Determination of polymer melt viscosity.
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      2. I. I. Perepechko, “An Introduction to Polymer Physics”, Mir Publishers, Moscow, 1981 (Original title)
      3. L. H. Sperling, “Introduction to Physical Polymer Science”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, 1986 (Original title)
      4. P. C. Hiemenz, “Polymer Chemistry. The Basic Concepts”, Marcel Dekker, New York, 1984 (Original title)
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