14D187 - Multiphase Chemical Reactor Design

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Course titleMultiphase Chemical Reactor Design
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalObjective is to adopt knowledge related to multiphase chemical reactors, starting from microreactors used in laboratory testing of catalytic and non-catalytic processes followed by models and design of industrial scale reactors.
    The outcomeThrough case studies of industrial multiphase reactors, including simulations, such as reactor for hydrotreating of different petroleum fractions, polymerisation of lower olefins, methanol synthesis, students will have the opportunity to apply theretical knowledge. This will allow them to design, size and simulate multiphase industrial reactors.
    Contents of lecturesThe analysis and design of multiphase chemical reactors which are most commonly present in the industry. Defining complex mathematical models of non-ideal chemical reactors including the analysis of micro andmacro mixing in those reactors. Mass and heat transfer analysis in different multiphase reactive systems and the analysis of catalyst deactivation.
    Contents of exercisesCalculations and complex problem solving related to realistic case study of multiphase reactor.
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    2. Wen, Fan, Models for Fluid Flow in Reactor, M. Dekker, N. York, 1976
    3. P. O, Connor, T. Takatsuka, G.L. Woolery, Deactivation and Testing of Hydrocarbon-Processing Catalysts, ACS Szmp. Ser. 634, ACS, Chicago, 1996
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    Methods of teachingLectures and case study
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