ZP114 - Components of Equipment in Process Industry

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Course titleComponents of Equipment in Process Industry
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    The goalGetting information on fundamental concepts connected with technical mechanics and mechanical engineering, and application in process industry in the first place. Students are instructed to define the components of structural assemblies of the equipment in process industry, to learn about nature, distribution and magnitude of forces resisting the effects of external loading and deformation of the components, which is prerequisite for formation of stable and technically correct structure.
    The outcomeThe students acquire fundamental knowledge in the field of technical mechanics, as well as knowledge on main components of the equipment in process industry, their function and application, constructional solutions, calculations. By learning about the principles of their operation and application in constructional solutions of the equipment, the students are prepared to attend related chemical-engineering subjects at higher grade of studies, as well as for subsequent application of the knowledge achieved in engineering practice.
    Contents of lectures1. BASIC ASSUMPTIONS OF STRENGTH of MATERIALS: Loadings, stresses, strains, mechanical properties of structural materials; selection of material, and structural integrity. 2. PLANTS OF PROCESS INDUSTRY: Selection of material for process-industry equipment; constructional forms of the vessels; determination of the vessel category; calculation of shells, dish-ends, covers, pipe connectors on the vessels; calculation of sealing joint; vessel supports. 3. CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THE COMPONENTS: threaded-pair connection; welded connections; springs. 4. PIPELINES: Calculation of the components for pipeline-transport; safety components 5. COMPONENTS FOR TRANSMISSION OF ROTARY MOTION: Friction, gear, belt and chain transmission elements; rotary-motion components; axes, shafts, couplings, bearings; structural forms of mixers.
    Contents of exercisesNumerical examples for loadings: tension, pressure, shear, bending, deflection Calculation of all components of pressure vessel Calculation of separable and non-separable connections on pressure vessel Calculation of mechanical transmissions of rotary motion Calculation of gears and shafts
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    Methods of teachingLectures in amphitheatre, using blackboard and video; Exercises in classrooms, using blackboard, video beam, overhead projector
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    Activites during lectures10Test paper40
    Practical lessons30Oral examination