TET36 - Textile Finishing

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Course titleTextile Finishing
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    The goal1. Acquire comprehensive and global insight into basic principles of finishing of textile materials 2. Understand the variety and complexity of finishing techniques 3. Improve skills and knowledge necessary for successful work in industrial environment 4. Prepare a solid base knowledge for solving of practical technological issues using the interdisciplinary approach.
    The outcome1. Students are capacitated to design and control finishing proceses and techniques 2. Students are prepared for work in industrial environment 3. Students are ready to use the laboratory equipment and tools to monitor and evaluate the efects of finishing methods to diverse textile materils.
    Contents of lecturesIn this course, the basic concepts of textile wet processing which include preparation of textile materials for dyeing, functional finishes covering chemical finishing treatments, with emphasis on the interrelationships of fabric styles and wet processing steps. Specifically, you will focus on various processing sequences, details the causes and solutions to many common finished fabric problems and the requirements for quality fabrics.
    Contents of exercisesLaboratory exercises cover important methods, techniques and processes of preparation of cellulose, protein and synthetic textile materials such as: desizing, scouring, bleaching, washing, crease resistant treatments, hydrophobic and water proof treatments and flame-retardancy.
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    Methods of teachingTheoretical lectures, Practical lectures, Colloquiums
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    Practical lessons20Oral examination60