MIN37 - Metallurgy of iron and steel

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Course titleMetallurgy of iron and steel
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalTo introduce students to the basic principles of the melting of iron in the blast furnace and other products in the respective plants and based on that, training for the process operation in different types of similar reactors for reduction. Production of steel in LD converters, ladle metallurgy and steel casting. Become familiar with process engineering fundamentals, principles of management and control and quality assurance in iron and steel metallurgy
    The outcomeThe course provides the necessary knowledge to understand: (1) the process of iron smelting in blast furnace as well as (2). Modern oxygen-converter production of steel and continuous casting of steel.Through concrete examples and calculations, students are introduced to the procedure of solving engineering problems.
    Contents of lectures • Principles of iron production in the blast furnace. • Blast furnace slag and its role. • The raw materials and their characteristics. • Fuel in the furnace process. • The elements of construction and equipment of blast furnaces. • Elements of the measurement and control of blast furnace process. • Modern methods of obtaining iron by direct reduction • Melts based on liquid iron and slag . • Oxygen converter as a supersonic reactor for refining steel. • Ladle processing and production of clean steel. • Continuous Casting. • Classification of iron and steel. Standards.
    Contents of exercisesCalculations of heat and mass balance in blast furnaces, oxygen converters and other power plants in the metallurgy of iron and steel. Visit Sartid, Serbia.
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    Methods of teachingLectures and calculation classes
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    Activites during lectures10Test paper40
    Practical lessonsOral examination