MIN36 - Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals

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Course titleMetallurgy of non-ferrous metals
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    ConditionnoОблик условљености
    The goalIndependently perform engineering calculations of extractive metallurgy reaction and balance parameters, introducing with experimental techniques and independent research.
    The outcomeIndependently perform calculations of energy and material balance. Independent experimental work in the laboratory. Gaining engineering knowledge necessary for the further development in extractive metallurgy, metallurgy of rare and precious metals.
    Contents of lecturesState and perspectives of production development, properties and applications of non-ferrous metals: aluminum, magnesium, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, antimony, tin, precious, platinum and rare metals, production technological schemes.Preparation of ores and concentrates, roasting, smelting, converting, refining. Introducing with technological schemes of metal production in metallurgy of non-ferrous metals with the ability to monitor and change technological solutions for production, refining and recycling of metals.
    Contents of exercisesPractical calculation classes: production of certain metals (copper, nickel, zinc, lead, precious metals) with the corresponding mass and heat balance using the existing technological schemes of production procedures. Special attention will be given to the use of software packages for the balance calculations. Practical laboratory classes: ore preparing, roasting, smelting and refining, preparation and leaching of copper and nickel, solutions refining.
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    Activites during lectures5Test paper40
    Practical lessons20Oral examination