MIN32 - The theoretical basis of pyro and hydro metallurgical processes

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Course titleThe theoretical basis of pyro and hydro metallurgical processes
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    ConditionnoОблик условљености
    The goalEngineering calculations of thermodynamic and kinetic reaction parameters of metallurgical processes, introduction with experimental techniques and independent research, as well as with the basic mechanisms of processes in the metallurgical industry with the ability of applying in a variety of technological schemes of producing, refining and recycling of metals.
    The outcomeStudents can independently perform engineering calculations, the use of computer programs for thermodynamic and energy-balance calculations. Introduction to independent work in the laboratory. engineering knowledge necessary for the further educational and experimental activities in extractive metallurgy and metal recycling.
    Contents of lecturesProcesses of formation and dissociation of carbonates, oxides and sulfides, stability criteria, kinetics and mechanism. Combustion of solid carbon-Bell's reaction, the reaction of carbon with steam. Theory of reduction, thermodynamics, reductivity, kinetics and mechanism of reduction of ferrous oxide. Structure and properties of metallurgical melts. The refining process. Oxidation of sulfides, halogens processes. Hydrometallurgical processes, leaching, extraction of metals and metal compounds from aqueous solutions, cementation. Basics of enrichment and solution purification process, extraction, ion exchange.
    Contents of exercisesPractical calculation classes: energy and balance of chemical reactions in metallurgical processes, solutions in metallurgical processes, the principles of kinetics of homogeneous and heterogeneous reactions in metallurgical processes. Practical laboratory classes: pyrometallurgy (dissociation, oxidation, reduction, refining) and hydrometallurgy (leaching, cementation, extraction)
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