MIN211 - Transport phenomena in Metallurgical Processes

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Course titleTransport phenomena in Metallurgical Processes
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    Conditionmathematics IIОблик условљености
    The goalTo introduce students to the basic principles of transport phenomena as well as metrology of processing examples from the field of metallurgy. Students learn to apply appropriate mathematical models to solve simple engineering problems
    The outcomeThe course provides the necessary knowledge to understand the procedures of materials processing. Special emphasis is given to the field of metallurgy. It explains the principles of momentum (ie, fluid mechanics), heat and mass transport, as well as the possibility of an analogous considerations of related phenomena. Through concrete examples and calculations, students are introduced to the procedure of solving engineering problems.
    Contents of lectures Viscosity and the mechanism of momentum transport under laminar, turbulent motion - Coefficient of thermal conductivity, heat transfer by conduction / one-dimensional, conduction in metallurgy, metallurgy convection, radiation heat transfer, radiation in metallurgy; characteristics of materials; Viewing angle; radiation of neon gas; radiation not lighting gas; radiation combined with convection; Combined heat transfer in metallurgical heat transfer and processing of metals - Fik's law and material diffusivity, Fick's first and second law; Diffusion in solid metals; Diffusion in solid nonmetals; Diffusion in Liquids; diffusion in gases; diffusion through porous materijale. Steady and unsteady diffusion, solid-state stationary and non-stationary diffusion in a fluid Interphase / Combined mass transfer / diffusion and kinetic regimes.
    Contents of exercisesCalculation examples and solutions
    1. S.D. Cvijović, N. M. Bošković-Vragolović, Fenomeni prenosa, TMF, Beograd 2001 (Original title)
    2. G.H. Geiger and D.R. Poirier, "Transport Phenomena in Materials Processing", TMS, Pittsburgh 1994 (Original title)
    3. S.D. Cvijović, N. M. Bošković-Vragolović, R. V. Pjanić, Fenomeni prenosa i tehnološke operacije, Zadaci sa izvodima iz teorije, Akademska misao, Beograd, 2006 (Original title)
    4. Z. Popvić, K. Raić, Energetika metalurških peći, zbirka rešenih zadataka, TMF, Beograd, 1986 (Original title)
    5. Z. Popović, K.Raić, Peći i projektovanje u metalurgiji, zbirka rešenih zadataka, TMF, Beograd 1988 (Original title)
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    Activites during lectures10Test paper40
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