MIMB3 - Biocomposite materials

Course specification
Course titleBiocomposite materials
Study programmeMaterial Engineering
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalStudents will gain knowledge of biocomposite materials with applications in medicine and dentistry. It is foreseen that students will adopt the expertise in processing, structural characterization and implementation of biocomposites. Students will be trained in designing of composites with predicted properties by selecting starting materials, their content, shape and interphase. Students will learn about basics of biocompatibility.
    The outcomeStudents acquired basics in synthesis, properties and characterization methods of biocomposites and their applications in dentistry, orthopedic and maxillofacial surgery. Students gained basic expertise in testing of mechanical and surface properties as well as in biocompatibility. Course requires the seminar work preparation.
    Contents of lectures1. Basics of structure and properties of biocomposites and their constituent materials. 2. Applications of biocomposite materials; 3. Biocomposites with metal matrix. 4. Bioactive and inert bioceramic composites. 5. Biocomposites with polymer matrix. 6. Dental composites. 7. Cement composites. 8. Mechanical properties of biocomposites and their implementation in designing of orthopedic implants. 9. Surface properties, degradation and biocompatibility. 10. Nanocomposite biomaterials. 11. Biocomposite nanofibers and scaffolds.
    Contents of exercises
    1. Н. Игњатовић, Д. Ускоковић, Композитни биоматеријали, Биоматеријали, ИТН САНУ и Друштво за истраживање материјала, 2010.
    2. П. Ускоковић, И. Балаћ, Моделирање микромеханике код честично композитних биоматеријала, Биоматеријали, ИТН САНУ и Друштво за истраживање материјала, 2010.
    3. J. Park, R.S. Lakes, Biomaterials-An Introduction, Springer Science+Business Media, 2007.
    Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
    LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
    Methods of teachingInteractive lectures, seminar work with preparation, literature overview and analysis of completed seminar.
    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
    Activites during lectures25Test paper50
    Practical lessonsOral examination