IZS313 - Materials

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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalThe goal of this course is to give theoretical and practical knowledge about engineering materials in order to enable the students to use them for production of process equipment, constructions, tools and packaging, as well as to teach to students the methods for structure characterization, physical-mechanical properties testing and production conditions.
    The outcomeAfter the completion of studding in this course students will be enabled to use principles of materials science and engineering in following situations: ; • Characterization of structure and physical-mechanical properties of materials ; • Analysis of defects and failure of materials due to corrosion, oxidation, dynamic and static mechanical load at low and high temperatures as well as to eliminate those influences on materials properties. ; • Optimally chose material and production process ; • Principles of materials recycling.
    Contents of lectures1. Introduction into materials science and engineering ; 2. Structure of metal materials ; 3. Mechanical properties of metal materials ; 4. Phase diagrams and phase transformation in alloys ; 5. Process of metal material production and transformation ; 6. Use of metal materials ; 7. Ceramic materials – classification, structure, properties and production process ; 8. Uses of ceramic materials ; 9. Polymer materials - classification, structure, properties and production process ; 10. Uses of polymer materials ; 11. Functional materials ; 12. Failure mechanisms and failure protection ; 13. Principles of optimal choice of engineering materials ;
    Contents of exercises1. Tensile testing of materials, 2. Measurement of modulus of elasticity, 3. Materials hardness testing, 4. Materials toughness testing, 5. Technological testing of wires and sheet metal, 6. Metallographic of steel and iron, 7. Thermal treatment of steel, 8. Welding and weld testing, 9. Mechanical properties of ceramic materials testing, 10. Mechanical properties of polymer materials testing, 11. Mechanical properties of composite materials testing.
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    Methods of teachingLectures with presentation and exercices and videoanimation.
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    Practical lessons10Oral examination60