D194 - Phase Equilibria in Multicomponent Systems

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Course titlePhase Equilibria in Multicomponent Systems
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      The goalTo provide students a solid background in applying the basic differential equations for the description of processes in heterogeneous, multicomponent systems. To gain knowledge about principles of phase equilibria and using the phase diagrams of two-, three- and four-component systems in solving practical problems.
      The outcomeStudents gain knowledge about phase transformations and phase equilibria that do appear in many processes of Inorganic Chemical Technology and Materials Engineering. In the scope of inspection and examination of two-, three- and four-component phase diagrams with numerous examples the students are qualified to use the concrete phase diagrams concerning the Chemical and Materials Engineering. Under the independent assignment, students discuss and estimate the conditions of phase equilibria in multi-component systems.
      Contents of lecturesThe course covers: General conditions of equilibrium of heterogeneous systems, Necessary conditions of stability, Thermodynamic potentials and activities in multicomponent heterogeneous systems, Phase equilibria in two-component systems: Konovalov’s rule, Phase equilibria and potential phase diagrams of binary and ternary systems, Representation and calculation of Gibbs free energy, Calculation of multicomponent phase diagrams, Minimization of Gibbs energy, Phase diagrams of quaternary systems, Projections of tetrahedral diagrams, Lőwenherz Diagram, Isothermal diagrams, Polythermal projections, Discussion and estimation of phase equilibria in various concrete examples of binary, ternary and quaternary systems.
      Contents of exercisesPractical Assignments
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      Methods of teachingLectures with practical assignments
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      Activites during lectures10Test paper
      Practical lessonsOral examination50