D175 - Solid State Physics

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Course titleSolid State Physics
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      The goalThe goal of the subject is to introduce students to the fundamental principles of solid state physics which are of great mportance in tehnological projecting processes as well as in microeletctronic componenet manufacturing. Throughout the course, students are trained to make a concept of technological processes needed in material and component manufacturing and its application in integrated technics. ;
      The outcomeIn course, sudents are introduced to the fundamental principles of solid state physics, being a necessary tool for material engineering students. The course consists of band structure of solid state materials, electronic transport processes, diffusion processes, recombination processes, thermoelectronic emission and hetero junctions.
      Contents of lecturesI Energy-band structure of solid state materials ; • Allowed and forbidden band • Bloch wave function ; • Dynamics of electrons in crystals ; • Electronic localized states II Electronic transport processes ; • Boltzman kinetic equation • Fermi quasi-level ; • Concetration, moblity and conductiivity of electrons and holes ; • Drift and diffusion ; • Galvanomagnetis, thermolectric and thermomagnetic phenomena ; III Diffusion and recombination processes ; • Diffusion current ; • Lifetime of carriers • Indirect and surface recombination ; • Thermoelectronic emission ; IV Heterojunctions ; • Metal-semiconductor junction ; • Semiconductor-semiconductor junction ; • p-n junction •
      Contents of exercises
      1. 1. Ashcroft N. W., Mermin N. D., Solid state physics, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York, 1976.
      2. 2. Animalu A. O. E., Inttermediate quantum theory of crystalline solids, Prentince Hall Inc. Enlewood Clifts, New Jersey, 1981.
      3. 3. Киселев В. Ф., Козлов С. Н., Зоотев А. В., Основи физики поверхности твердого тела, Мир, Москва, 1999. ;
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