D170 - Structural analysis of organic molecules

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Course titleStructural analysis of organic molecules
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    ConditionNoneОблик условљености
    The goalThe adoption of basic and higher terms, and laws, which are based on instrumental methods in modern chemical analysis of organic molecules. Achieving the appropriate skills and accuracy in experimental work with new devices, which are used in chemical analysis. Choosing the most appropriate instrumental method for determining the structure of organic molecules. Techniques of sample preparation, adjustment and optimization of the instrument, recording spectra, interpretation of the results.
    The outcomeThrough the implementation of the contents of this course builds students' scientific view of the structure and behavior of organic molecules.
    Contents of lecturesThe course introduces students to the fundamental principles on which the modern instrumental methods of chemical analysis and master the technique of the instrument, reading spectra and determining the structure of organic molecules. In the exercise students independently prepare, record and read the obtained spectra as basis for seminar work and exams.
    Contents of exercises
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