D129 - Electroplating

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    The goalThe study of the general principles and modern technologies of electrochemical plating of metallic and alloy coatings in order to provide the basis for understanding mechanisms of metallic coatings deposition, as well as their properties. ; Through the seminar – calculations in electroplating and experimental work student should be trained to creatively approach and resolve specific problems in electroplating, passing through all the stages in the process of electrodeposition of metal coatings. ;
    The outcomeStudent has acquired basic theoretical knowledge of the different methods used in metal coatings, coating types, depending on the application, and their properties. In this course, the student is designing technological project- the calculations in a particular galvanic process. After successful completion of the course the student has acquired the necessary knowledge to: (i) independently follow the literature, (ii) independently analyze the specific problem of electrochemical deposition of metal coatings, devise a plan for the technological process of deposition, master the application of certain techniques and modes of deposition, (iii) acquire communication skills to clearly formulate and present tasks, possible solutions and results. ;
    Contents of lectures• The types of metallic coatings, their application and significance. Water and ionic solutions. ; • Electrochemical deposition of metallic coatings. Cathodic plating from simple and complex plating baths. The current distribution. ; • The influence of inhibitors; the influence of additives; throwing power and covering power. The influence of hydrogen evolution on coating and on substrate. The anodic reactions. ; • Galvanic coatings of: copper, zinc, cadmium, nickel, chromate, tin, silver, gold. ; • Electrochemical alloy plating. Electrochemical deposition of multilayer coatings. Anodic oxidation of aluminum and magnesium. ; • Electrodeposition of semiconductors and deposition on non-conducting substrates. Waste water and the environment. ; • Properties and analysis of metallic coatings. The structure, corrosion stability, hardness, porosity, adhesion. Internal stresses in the galvanic coating. Wear resistance. Electrical resistance, brihgtness, surface roughness. ; • Non-electrochemical methods of metallic coatings deposition. Electroless deposition. Vapor deposition, Plasma surface treatment. ; • Plants and calculations in electrodeposition processes.
    Contents of exercises• Experimental task: devising experimental techniques and experimental plan, the choice of the deposition process parameters, experimental work and reviews of the results. ; • Seminar - calculations in a particupar electroplating process. ;
    1. M.Schlesinger, M.Paunovic, "Modern Electroplating", J. Wiley, 2000.
    2. M.Paunovic, M.Schlesinger, "Fundamentals of Electrochemical Deposition", J. Wiley, 1998.
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