D124 - Biomass as a source of energy

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Course titleBiomass as a source of energy
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalThe aim of this course is that students acquire knowledge of the contemporay ans prospec technological processes for the production of energy on renewable biomass (production of bioethanol, biodiesel. methane, methanol and hydrogen).
    The outcomeStudents will acquire knowledge about the current processes of energy production on biomass, the techno-economical prinicples and criteria involved and will be able to determine which biomass is available and appropriate for the production of energy. They will also be able to make concept of the process for the production of energy based on various renewable biomass.
    Contents of lecturesThe course educates about the possibilities of the biomass utilization for the production of energy and about main technological processes for this purpose. Teaching units: Energy resources- current situation and prospectives; Bioethanol as a biofuel and the process technology; Biodiesel as a biofuel and the process technology; Hydrogen as an energy source and the process technology; Biogas-methane production. Techno-economical aspects of the energy production on biomass.
    Contents of exercisesThe course is based on lectures which also include calculations and experimental practice. ; The course encompasses teaching, LAB practice, calculation examples and seminars (study-research work). ;
    1. Ljiljana Mojović i saradnici, Proizvodnja bioetanola - stanje i perspektive, Monografija, TF Leskovac, 2007.
    2. Furman Teofil i saradnici, Biodizel- alternativno i ekološko tečno gorivo, Monografija, PF- Novi Sad, 2005
    3. Stojiljkovic Dragana i saradnici, Alternativna goriva za pogon SUS motora u 21. veku, Studija, MF-Beograd, 2007
    Number of hours per week during the semester/trimester/year
    LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
    Methods of teachingInteractive lessons with using video presentations; Lab practice in order to demonstrate certain fuel production process (conversion pathway); biochemical and kinetic models and calculations; techno-economical assessment; seminars- research study.
    Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
    Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
    Activites during lectures5Test paper50
    Practical lessons5Oral examination