D105TT - Surface Engineering of Polymers and Textiles

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Course titleSurface Engineering of Polymers and Textiles
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      The goalThe course deals with the unconventional methods for surface treatment of polymers and textiles and the functionality added to materials by their use.
      The outcomeExpected outcomes of the course are: theoretical knowledge in the field of modern surface processing techniques and knowledge of surface characterisation methods for monitoring of effects obtained by novel proccesing techniques; practical experience (skills) necessary for the application of modern surface processing and surface characterization methods in industrial cases; and professional competence in the field of advanced surface engineering technologies useful for incorporation of students in different associations (research, production, market etc.).
      Contents of lecturesThe course consists of two modules: theoretical and experimental. First one covers the basic theoretical principles of processing techniques for the modification of the surface layer of polymer and textiles and describes their advantages over the conventional treatment techniques. Also, special attention was paid to selection and basic operating principles for characterisation of surface changes (in morphology and chemistry) in textiles and polymers. The experimental module deals with two selected methods for surface characterization (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and contact angle measurements) in terms of the efficiency of applied surface enginering method. ;
      Contents of exercises
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      2. Alfred Grill, Cold Plasma in Material Fabrication – From Fundamentals to Applications, IEEE Press, New York, 1994.
      3. Grupa autora, Surface Characterization Methods: Principles, Techniques and Applications, Surface Science Series, ed. by A.J.Milling, Volume 87, Marcel Dekker Inc., New York, (1999).
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