BBI484 - Chemical biotechnology

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Course titleChemical biotechnology
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalThe subject of this course are the most important technologies for production of industrially and commercially valuable chemicals, based on catalytic activity of microorganisms and enzymes. Specific properties of applied biocatalyst and important physicochemical properties of final product will be studied, since thorough knowledge of these process factors is prerequisite for successful development and control of industrial processes, as well as downstream processing.
    The outcomeDuring this course students will gain knowledge of biotechnological production of number of industrially important chemicals, such as organic acids, organic solvents and amino acids. During learning particular biotechnology all stages in developing succesfull biotechnology (biocatalyst selection, optimization of growth substrate composition, optimization of process conditions, selection of bioreactor type and selection of downstream processing method) will be studied.
    Contents of lecturesBiotechnological production of organic acids (selection of producing microorganism, growth substrate composition, type of process and downstream processing): citric acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid, and itaconic acid. Biotechnological production of butanol and acetone (selection of producing microorganism and its effect on solvent composition, products biosynthesis, type of process and downstream processing). Biotechnological production of ethanol. Production from molasses and whey. Production from starch. Enzymatic hydrolysis of starch. Production from lignocellulose materials. Pretreatment of lignocelluloses materials. Product separation. Production of anhydrous ethanol. Biotechnological production of amino acids. Fermentative processes for production of glutamic acid, lysine, threonine, phenylalanine. Production of amino acids by biotransformation: production of tryptophan and aspartic acid, application of aminoacylase, hydrogenase, hydantoinase/carbamoylase system. Biotechnological production of microbial polymers. Production of polysaccharides: dextran, xanthan, gelan, pullulan, cellulose, alginates, scleroglucan, curdlan. Production of polyhydroxyalcanoate. Biotechnological production of biosurfactants and biocosmetics: hyaluronic acid, sophorolipids, surfactin, emulsan, ramnolipids and trehalose lipids. Production of biofuels. Biofuel properties and fields for further development of bioethanol and biobutanol industry. Biodiesel production.. Production of biogas, biomethanol, and biohydrogen.
    Contents of exercisesMaterial and energy balances of citric acid production using SuperPro Designer software. Material and energy balances of gluconic acid production and downstream processing using SuperPro Designer software.
    1. D. Bezbradica, Industrijska biotehnologija, TMF, Beograd, 2012. (Original title)
    2. Vežbe (Original title)
    3. Predavanje, računske vežbe. (Original title)
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    Methods of teachingTheoretical lectures. Problem solving and calculus.
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