14TET322 - Technical Preparation of Clothing Production

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Course titleTechnical Preparation of Clothing Production
Study programmeTextile Technology
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      Condition /Облик условљености
      The goalIntroducing students to the scope of work of technical preparation units in clothing production.Connecting acquired knowledge with the knowledge of garment technology.
      The outcomeStudents are trained to apply acquired knowledge about the technical preparation of clothing production in contemporary, highly productive garment manufacture.
      Contents of lecturesCourse content includes duties and tasks of constructional, technological and operational preparations in the industrial production of clothes. Within the constructional preparation, the following units are studied: design and construction of the clothing, modeling and assembling garment pattern, grading and marker making. Technological preparation includes analysis and selection of the machinery and equipment, making operation plans, making assembly plans, making plans for the technological procedure as well as technical-technological documentation. As a part of the technological preparation, the design of the work-place is also studied to a lesser extent. Within the operational preparation, students are introduced to the following teaching units: determining production capacity, determining the length of the production cycle, planning and monitoring of the production.
      Contents of exercisesCalculation of the consumption of materials and threads for making a seam, Making plans of technological operations, Calculation of the production capacities, machinery, equipment, and the number of workers, Examples of the ergonomic design of workplaces in the clothing industry, Making production plans, Calculation of the length of the production cycle.
      1. Interni materijal Katedre za TI u redakciji P. Škundrić, M.Kostić (Original title)
      2. beleške sa predavanja (Original title)
      3. Bioactive Fibers and Polymers, ed. J.V.Edwards, T.L.Vigo, ACS symposium series, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, 2001 (Original title)
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      LecturesExercisesOTCStudy and ResearchOther classes
      Methods of teachinglectures and calculus labs.
      Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
      Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
      Activites during lecturesTest paper
      Practical lessonsOral examination60