14MZH7 - Kinetics of electrochemical reactions

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Course titleKinetics of electrochemical reactions
Study programmeChemical engineering
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goal• Understanding of electrochemical reaction as a complex heterogeneous chemical reaction and enabling to analyze the factors influencing the reaction rate by applying principles of formal chemical kinetics and mass transfer to the kinetics of electrochemical reactions ; • Acquiring theoretical background of the main experimental methods in electrochemical kinetics and ability to perform electrochemical experiments using conventional electrochemical instrumentation ; • Application of the theoretical and experimental skills to the electrochemical systems of a practical importance
      The outcome• Student learnt basic principles and formal mathematic treatment of the electrochemical reactions kinetics and the experimental methods ; • Student is able to perform electrochemical experiments and to use electrochemical instrumentation ; • Student acquired necessary background for further study of various fields of electrochemistry (electrochemical deposition of metals, electrochemical power sources, corrosion, electrocatalysis, electroanalytical chemistry etc.)
      Contents of lectures• Electrochemical double layer – description of the metal/solution interface, electrode potential, models of the double layer structure ; • Electrochemical reaction kinetics - steps of the electrochemical reaction, activation controlled electrochemical reaction, activation-diffusion controlled electrochemical reaction, rate of the multistep reaction, rate of electrochemical reaction with the adsorbed intermediates ; • Experimental methods in electrochemical kinetics – steady-state measurements and transient methods (chronoamperometry, chronopotentiometry, cyclic voltammetry) ; • Important electrochemical reactions – hydrogen evolution and oxidation, oxygen reduction and evolution, oxidation of small organic molecules, deposition and dissolution of metals)
      Contents of exercises• Analysis of the electrocapillary curves ; • Determination of the polarization curves for an electrochemical reaction under activation-diffusion control by using rotating disk electrode ; • Chronoamperometry and cyclic voltammetry of a simple redox reaction with soluble reactants and products ; • Study of hydrogen evolution reaction on platinum, gold and glassy carbon electrodes
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      Methods of teachingLectures, laboratory classes, computational analysis of experimental data
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      Practical lessons50Oral examination50