14MTET214 - Automation in textile industry

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Course titleAutomation in textile industry
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      ConditionThere is noОблик условљености
      The goalEnables students to fully understand the principles of automatic regulation and automatic control of the processes within the scope of textile industry
      The outcomeBased on acquired theoretical knowledge on the systems for automatic control and regulation, the students become capable of independent engineering formulation, as well as to solve complex problems related to modernization and updating of the technological processes in textile industry.
      Contents of lecturesRequirements, important conditions for application of automatic control and regulation. Characteristics of the systems for automatic control and regulation. Objectives of automation in textile industry. Control systems. Classification of the components of automatic control and their functions. Fundamentals of metrology and measurement. Measuring instruments and processing of the results of measurement. Components of the system for automatic control. Amplifiers – tasks and types. Application of computers in the process of automation and regulation. Computerized collection and processing of the results of measurement in technological processes. Regulators and control systems. Combined regulators.
      Contents of exercisesUsing softwares for object programming and by applying interactive methods, the students solve concrete problems of regulation and automatic control of the processes in textile technology. ; Classes with visual demonstration and practical exercises in computer laboratory.
      1. С. Николић, Мерење и управљање процесима у текстилној и графичкој индустрији, ТМФ Београд, 1999.
      2. Д. Поповић, П. Пејовић, Електрична мерења, ЕТФ Београд, 2005.
      3. Introduction to LabVIEW, Interactive Training CD, National Instruments, 2006.
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      Activites during lecturesTest paper
      Practical lessons10Oral examination50