14MMI5 - and steel-Selected Topics

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Course titleand steel-Selected Topics
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalTo introduce students to the basic principles of modern process of iron and steel, whose main goal is to reduce the cost of production in terms of energy and deficient raw materials and in terms of faster and more ecologically friendly production.
    The outcomeThe course provides the necessary knowledge to understand the achieved level of development of the modern technology of iron and steel. Student will be able to recognize the difference in the specific procedures provided by the iron and steel industry and the reasons for using them.
    Contents of lectures• Principles of iron production in the blast furnace. ; • The required raw materials, energy, and equipment in the classical process-advantages and disadvantages ; • Modern methods of making iron by direct reduction (HYL, MIDREX, PLASMA, COREX, etc..) - Advantages and disadvantages ; • Oxygen converter as a supersonic reactor for refining steel. ; • Ladle processing and production of clean steel (LD, AOD and other procedures) ; • Melting under a layer of slag and continuous casting. ; • Environmental aspects of iron and steel ;
    Contents of exercisesCalculations of heat and mass balance in power plants in the metallurgy of iron and steel. Visit Sartid, Serbia
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    5. Металургија челика, Белешке са предавања Љ. Недељковића, интерни ; материјал катедре ;
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