14MMI10 - Welding - selected chapters

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Course titleWelding - selected chapters
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalCourse focused on broadening of basic understaning of welding process and weldding joints (metallurgical background, different welding processes, types and selection of filler materials, etc) and more detailed explanation of concept of crack initiation during weldingand types of cracks.
    The outcomeBroadening of basic physical metallurgy phenomena during welding and methodology of selection of optimal welding technology (proces+filler material+cost)
    Contents of lecturesIntroduction. Welding procesess. Temperature fields due to chosen process. Electric arc: formation and stability. Formation of weld pool and pool geometry. Solidification. inhomogenities, residual stresses. Principles of selection of filler material. Heat affected zone: size, shape, phase transformations and structures. Weldability - crack initiation during welding. Types of cracks: hot, cold, lamellar and postwelding heat treatmen. prevention of cracking. Quality control of welded joints. Standards.
    Contents of exercisesMacrostructure of welded joints. Microstructure of welded joints. ; Testing of mechanical properties of welded joints. Nondestructive testing ; Procedure of selection of process and filler material. Case studies.
    1. S.Kou, Welding metallurgy, Butterworth-Heinemann (2002)
    2. I.Hrivnjak, Zavarljivost čelika, Građevinska knjiga (1989)
    3. ASM Handbook, Vol.6 – Welding, brazing and soldering, ASM International (1994)
    4. A. Sedmak, V.Šijački-Žeravčić, A.Milosavljević, V.Đorđević, M.Vukićević, "Mašinski materijali", drugi deo: zavarivanje, Mašinski fakultet u Beogradu (2000)
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