14MMI1 - Selected Topics in Structure of Metallic Materials

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Course titleSelected Topics in Structure of Metallic Materials
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalThe goal of this course is to provide a detailed understanding of the alloy theory and phase equilibrium in multi-component metallic systems. Such knowledge forms a useful basis for predicting the microstructure, which controls the properties of metallic materials for various applications.
    The outcomeStudents attain knowledge about the alloying elements effect on the phase formation type, as well as about equilibrium phase diagrams of multi-component metallic systems, so that they would be qualified to design the microstructure of engineering materials with predetermined combinations of properties.
    Contents of lecturesConsider the principles of alloy theory, solid solution and intermediate phase formation, factors affecting the stability of alloy phases, thermodynamics of phase diagrams, representation of phase equilibrium in complex ternary and quaternary metallic systems and development of microstructures in selected multi-component alloys.
    Contents of exercisesCover the topics related to development of microstructure in ternary, quaternary and multi-component metallic systems and microstructural analysis of selected commercial alloys.
    1. 1. Z. Cvijović, „Lecture notes on alloy theory and phase equilibrium in multi-cimoinent metallic systems“, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, 2011.
    2. A. Prince, „Alloy Phase Equilibria“, Elsevier Publ., Amsterdam, 1966.
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    Methods of teachingLectures and computational exercises.
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    Practical lessons40Oral examination60