14MHPI10 - Functional and nanostructured polymers

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Course titleFunctional and nanostructured polymers
Study programmeChemical engineering
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goalThe goal is to provide a description of the emerging field of nanostructured polymeric systems. A predominately polymer science approach to nanomaterials will be presented. It will give students overview of possibilities to manipulate with polymers at the nanoscale in order to obtain, process an apply functional and nanostructured polymeric materials.
      The outcomeAfter completion of the course students posses a knowledge about basic principles of nanochemistry of polymeric materials. They are able to describe a method to obtain and manipulate with particular nanostructured polymeric material. They are able to understand and predict the way in which a certain nanostructured polymeric system can be applied for a particular functional material.
      Contents of lecturesBasics of synthesis and structure of nanostructured and functional polymeric materials. ; Basics of self-assembly of polymers. ; Polymers in synthesis of nanoparticles. ; Self-assembly layer-by-layer. ; Copolymers and self-assembly of copolymers. ; Polymeric micro- and nanospheres. ; Microporous polymeric materials. ; Nanocomposites. ; Application of nanostructured and functional polymeric materials
      Contents of exercisesMaking a seminar paper/presentation using a current scientific literature from the field.
      1. Nanochemistry: A Chemical Approach to Nanomaterials, G. A. Ozin, A. Arsenault, 2005, RCS (selected chapters)
      2. Introduction to nanotechnology, C. P. Poole, F. J. Owens, 2003, John Wiley & Sons, Inc (selected chapters)
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      Activites during lectures15Test paper50
      Practical lessonsOral examination