14MHNH6 - Technology of acids, alkalies and fertilizers

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Course titleTechnology of acids, alkalies and fertilizers
Study programmeChemical engineering
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goalApplication of knowledge attained in previous courses on understanding and solving the practical problems in technolology of acids, alkalies and fertilizers. The course implies the fundamentals of procedures, apparatus, technological regimes, material- and energy balances.
    The outcomeStudents learn about industrial production of the sulfuric, nitric and phosphoric acids, synthetic ammonia, soda and caustic soda, and the mineral fertilizers: phosphoric, nitrogenous, potassic fertilizers, carbamide, complex and mixed fertilizers.
    Contents of lecturesIntroduction: development of technology of acids, alkalies and fertilizers, current state and tendencies ; Production of sulfuric acid by contact process ; Production of nitric acid by ammonia oxidation ; Production of phosphoric acid by electrothermal and dihydratation process ; Ammonia synthesis ; Sodium carbonate and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) technology ; Phosphoric fertilizers ; Nitrogenous and potassic fertilizers ; Carbamide ; Complex fertilizers and new types of mineral fertilizers. ;
    Contents of exercisesDetermination of sulfur (IV) oxide content in the gas mixture ; Determination of the total alkalinity in soda ; Determination of the sodium-hydroxide content in the caustic soda ; Analysis of the single and triple superphosphate: determination of the phosphor (V) oxide content dissolved in water ; Analysis of the nitrogenous fertilizers
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    Methods of teachingLectures combined with numerical examples and laboratory work
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    Practical lessons20Oral examination50