14IZS422 - Environmental Impact Assessment

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Course titleEnvironmental Impact Assessment
Study programmeEnvironmental Engineering
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    ConditionОблик условљености
    The goal• Mastering the basic elements of the process of preparing environmental impact assessment of technological systems; ; • Providing a basis for students to be able to formulate and develop documentation in the form of impact assessment studies for simple problems; ; • Promote systematic approach, teamwork, dialogue, formulation and critical ; analysis of alternatives, unambiguous and precise expression, etc. ;
    The outcome• Students rule and use the basic concepts and elements of the theory of environmental impact assessment; ; • Students are theoretically mastered and have skills that allow them to create a simple environmental impact assessment study. ; ;
    Contents of lectures
    Contents of exercisesPart I: Working in the workshop students with teacher prepare and present some elements of the theory of environmental impact assessment (EIA), as follows: Introduction and terminology. Valid methodology for the preparation of design documents (EIA study) and the process of issuing opinions - reviews of the state institutions. Key elements of the legislation related to the development of EIA study, especially the "EIA lawt" and "Law on planning and construction." The role of EIA at constructing industrial plants. Elements of EIA study. Relationship between EIA study and design project. The methodological approach of the European Union in the field of EIA. The main provisions of EU directives on the matter. Procedure for the EIA study developmet. Public opinion regarding the process of assessing the impact of technological systems on the environment. The difference between the impact assessment of industrial plant and strategic impact assessment. Presentation of case studies. Exercising leadership roles during workshop meeting. ; ; Part II: Working in the workshop on the selected case study. Team develops the assngment at the level of EIA study of technological system. Exercising leadership role during working meeting and in team. Study visits to selected plants and factories (optional). Presentation preparation for the assignment EIA study defense. ; ;
    1. Zakon o proceni uticaja na životnu sredinu, Službeni glasnik Republike Srbije, 2004. sa izmenama i dopunama. (Original title)
    2. Direktiva Saveta 97/11/EZ, od 3 marta 1997. kojom se menja i dopunjuje Direktiva 85/337/EEZ o proceni uticaja određenih javnih i privatnih projekata na životnu sredinu. (Original title)
    3. Primeri - studije slučajeva iz diplomskih radova sa TMF. (Original title)
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