14HFI39 - Design and Selection of Bioreactor Sistem

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Course titleDesign and Selection of Bioreactor Sistem
Study programmeChemical Engineering
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    ConditionBasic Chemistry 2, Mathematics 2Облик условљености
    The goalObjective of the course is to initiate students with use and selection of warious tipes of ; bioreactors for the basic bioprocesses (enzimatic and microbic, inhibited and autocatalised, ; aerobic and anaerobic). Students learn how to determine kinetics of process based on ; experimental data and how to determnine volumes and retention times for the basic types of ; reactors. Students are initiated with the modern types of bioreactors and their use including the ; selection of the optimal reactor type and arrangement for different processes. ;
    The outcomeStudents are enabled to determine kinetics of enzyme and micrpbial processes based on the experimental data. Students learn how to chose best type of bioreactor and how to calculate its working volume for the basic bioprocesses enzimatic and microbic, inhibited and autocatalised, aerobic and anaerobic. Students learn how to choose best configuration of several reactors and gain knowledge about modern trends in this area.
    Contents of lecturesKinetics and stehiometry of bioprocesses and the influence of different parameters on them ; (pH, temperature, products, immobilization...). Determination of Batch, Plugflow, and Stired ; Tank reactors dimensions for enzyme and microbial fermentations. Bioreactors for aerobic ; processes. Determining of the optimal working conditions of the bioreactor and optimal ; organization of multiple bioreactors in bioprocesses. Selection and design of the bioreactor in ; order to attain required conditions for bioprocess. Modern types of bioreactors and their use. ;
    Contents of exercisesDeterminition of the stechiometric and kinetic parameters for enzyme and microbial reactions ; (unihibited and inhibited). Calculation and compatition of basic types of bioreactors. Designe ; and calculation of aerobic bioreactor. Calclulation of the system of bioreactors. ;
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    2. Projektovanje procesa u biotehnologiji i biohemiskom inženjerstvu , B.Bugarski, Akademska misao, 2006. (Original title)
    3. Octave Levenspiel, Chemical Reactor Omnibook, Oregon St Univ Bookstores, 1993 (Original title)
    4. Octave Levenspiel, Osnovi teorije i projektovanja hemijskih reaktora, TMF, Beograd, 1979. (Original title)
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