14HEI414 - Metallic coatings

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Course titleMetallic coatings
Study programmeChemical Engineering
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goalThe aim of this course is to introduce students to all phases in the deposition of metal coating, the mechanism of deposition, as well as the functions of metallic coatings. The student should master the technology of deposition of different metallic coatings and protection by metallic coatings and to learn the differences of protection by applying metallic and/or non-metallic coatings.
      The outcomeStudent has acquired basic theoretical knowledge of the types of metallic coatings, the methods of deposition and properties of metallic coatings. Student learnt what type of plating solution to use for a particular metallic coating, depending on the application of a particular coated object. Student is able to apply basic calculations in electrodeposition, as well as different experimental methods of metal coatings deposition, depending on their shape, size and properties. ;
      Contents of lectures• The types of metallic coatings, application, significance. Types of electrolytes ; • Electrochemical methods of metal coatings deposition (metallic coatings deposition on a cathode from simple plating baths, as well as the ones with complexing agents, electrocrystallization, the influence of inhibitors, hydrogen evolution, anodic reactions, copper coatings, zinc coatings, nickel coatings, chromate coatings, tin coatings, silver coatings, gold coatings) ; • The basic calculations in electrodeposition ; • Properties of metallic coatings, metal coatings analysis (structure, hardness, porosity, corrosion stability, adhesion, wear resistance, electrical resistance, brightness, surface roughness, electrolyte control) ; • Electrochemical deposition of metallic coatings (galvanostatic and potentiostatic deposition, deposition by periodically changing currents). ; • Electrochemical deposition of alloy coatings ; • Chemical deposition of metallic coatings ; • Waste water treatment, environmental protection ;
      Contents of exercises• The electrodeposition of metallic coatings. The influence of deposition current density and the influence of additives on the properties of electrodeposits. ; • Deposition of multilayer coatings and electrodeposition on small objects. ; • The Hull cell: current distribution on the electrode and optimization of current density range ; • Electroless plating ;
      1. Prevlake legura cinka – elektrohemijsko dobijanje i koroziona stabilnost, SITZAMS, Beograd, 2009. (Original title)
      2. S.Đorđević, Metalne prevlake, Tehnička knjiga, Beograd, 1970. (Original title)
      3. M.Maksimović, Galvanotehnika, TMF, Beograd, 1995. (Original title)
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      Methods of teaching• Lectures ; • Laboratory classes ;
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      Activites during lecturesTest paper
      Practical lessons50Oral examination50