14DMI20 - Furnaces and reactors in metallurgy

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Course titleFurnaces and reactors in metallurgy
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goalBasic principles for refractories and furnace atmospheres. Design of basic equipment which is used in metallurgy
      The outcomeMonitoring of teaching materials on the following courses: Optimum design. Independent selection of refractory materials and furnace atmosphere related to the selected process and the product. Independent selection of basic parameters of the devices used in metallurgical engineering.
      Contents of lecturesI Furnaces and its basic elemnts: historical development of fornaces and its construction. Clasification. Elements for construction. ; II Refractories ; Definition, properties and clasification of refractories. Thermal, chemical and mechanical properties of refractories. Clasification and applicationa of refractories based on: silicon oxide, silicon oxide and alumina , chromite and magnesite, carbon and carbide and spetial refractories. Insulations ; III FURNACE ATMOSPHERES ; Basic principals. Clasification and basic tupes. Components. Vakuum. Chemicly active components of furnace atmospheres. Basic principals of selection. ; IV examples of calculation and design of furnaces and equipment in metallurgy ; Energy devises: recuperator, regenerator, chimney. Furnaces for preparation in metallurgy: sintering mashine, rotation furnace and fluo-solid reactor. Blast furnace. Electrical furnaces: Resistance furnaces, induction furnaces and special furnaces. ;
      Contents of exercises
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