14D018 - Glass-ceramic

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Course titleGlass-ceramic
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goalThe objectives of the course are: to introduce certain key aspects of glass -ceramic technology; To understand glass formation and principles of designing glass-ceramic formation; to provide knowledge to control crystallization of glass. During the course students are introduced to nucleation, crystal growth and thermodynamic basis and mechanisms for phase separation. Composition systems for glass-ceramics are presented during the course. The course includes discussion of the effects of composition, thermal treatment on the microstructure of glass-ceramic. The students are introduced to applications of glass-ceramics.
      The outcomeUpon successful completion of the course, students will have: a knowledge of the principles of glass and glass-ceramic formation and phase separation; ability to select composition and designing formation of glass-ceramics with controlled properties. The students gain knowledge on: the effects of composition; the effects of thermal treatment on the microstructure of glass-ceramic; applications of glass-ceramics.
      Contents of lecturesPrinciples of glass formation. Structural and kinetic theories of glass formation. Homogeneous nucleation. Heterogeneous nucleation. Examples for applying the nucleation theory in the development of glass-ceramics. Volume nucleation. Surface nucleation. Time-Temperature-Transformation Diagrams. Crystal growth. Phase separation. Composition systems for glass-ceramics. Microstructure control. Applications of glass-ceramics. ;
      Contents of exercises
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      Methods of teachingLectures and calculation examples.
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      Activites during lecturesTest paper
      Practical lessonsOral examination70