14BBI317 - Packing materials

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Course titlePacking materials
Study programmeBiochemical Engineering and Biotechnology
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      ConditionОблик условљености
      The goalAquiring knoledge about the use of classical and modern packing materials from the point of view od structure, properties, processing and functional characteristics during the prodcution of pachiging for biotechnology.
      The outcomeStudent is enabled to analyse criticallt the choise of packing material and procee of production at the base of packing demands for biotechnoligical products.
      Contents of lectures• Introduction: definition of packing materials, functions and classification of packiging • Metall packiging: metal materials and properties, metal packiging materials, behavior of metall packiging under thermal sterilisation, corrosion, interaction of metal packiging and content • Glass pakciging: classes of glass, properties of glass, production of glass packiging, interaction of glass packiging and content • Poymer packiging: structure and properties of polymer materials, properties and production process of polymer materials, polymer materials for production of packiging materials, interaction of packiging and content, biodegradable polymer materials, edible ppolymer packaging. • Paper and carton packaging: paper, carton, properties of paper and carton, classification of paper and carton, packaging paper, classes of paper packaging, classes of wave carton packaging, interaction of paper and carton packaging and content. • Multilayer packaging: classes of multilayer packaging, processing of multilayer packaging, other materials, glues, color, gloss, solvents, barrier properties of multilayer packing materials, preparation of multilayer materials, uses of multilayer packaging and packaging prepared from barrier materials, • Wood packaging: properties of wood, classes of wood for packaging production, forms of wood packaging, interaction of wood and content, uses of wood packaging. • Methods of packaging: vacuum packaging, hot packaging, packing under sterile conditions, pasteurization and sterilization of packaging. • New technologies in packaging: active and smart packaging, packing in controlled atmosphere, edible films/coatings • Standards in packaging related to main demands for packaging in order to be put in trade, markings in packaging, security marks, barcode
      Contents of exercises
      1. R. Jančić-Hajneman, R. Aleksić, SAVREMENI AMBALAŽNI MATERIJALI, Beleške sa predavanja, CD, TMF, 2013.; (Original title)
      2. 2. A. Emblem, H.Emblem, PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY-FUNDAMENTALS, MATERIALS AND PROCESSES, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Oxford, 2012, ISBN 978-1-84569-665-8 (Original title)
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      Methods of teachingLectures with presentation and exercices and videoanimation.
      Knowledge score (maximum points 100)
      Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
      Activites during lectures10Test paper
      Practical lessonsOral examination60