TET212 - Design and Manufacture of Woven Fabrics

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Course titleDesign and Manufacture of Woven Fabrics
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    ConditionPassed an exam: Textile Materials.Облик условљености
    The goalIntroducing students to the phases of design realization and to the parameters necessary for the design of woven fabrics as well as the development of the skill for making weaving plan. Besides, the aim of this course assumes introducing students to the process of the manufacture of woven fabrics, which includes weaving preparation and weaving on conventional and unconventional looms. Students also study the way of the operation of machines and equipmentin the weaving preparation processas as well as during weaving process and learn about new, contemporary weaving technology.
    The outcomeStudents are trained to implement engineering approach to the design of woven fabrics for different purposes. Also, they are prepared for engineering work in the field of the manufacture of woven fabrics. Students are trained to solve problems which may occur in everyday industrial practice as a result of weaving technology.
    Contents of lecturesIn the introduction part of the course the concept of the design, as well as the phases of the design are described. Structural parameters relevant to the design of woven fabrics are also shown. The weave of the woven fabric is particularly emphasized. Construction of the weaving plan and types of drafts are described. Importance of the storage and air conditioning of yarns used for making fabrics is explained. Phases of weaving preparation, as well as of weaving process, both on conventional (shuttle looms) and unconventional looms (shuttleless looms), with the review to 3D looms as the looms of the last generation, are described. The importance of air conditioning in the warehouse of woven goods is emphasized.
    Contents of exercisesWeaving plan, Construction and the work of yarn winding machine, Construction and the work of warping machine, Construction and the work of sizing machine, Construction and the work of weft winding machine, Warping plan, Analysis of the warp let-off mechanism, Analysis of the fabric take-up mechanism, Analysis of the shedding mechanism, Influence of the shed formation on stress and elongation of warp yarns, Analysis of the shuttle movement through the shed, Practical lessons in industrial plants.
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    2. S. Adanur, “Handbook of Weaving”, Technomic Pub., Lancaster, USA, 2001. (Original title)
    3. P.R.Lord, M.H.Mohamed, "Weaving: Conversion of Yarn to Fabric", Merrow Publishing Company, Durham, 1982. (Original title)
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    Methods of teachinglectures, calculus labs, and practical lessons.
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    Activites during lecturesTest paper30
    Practical lessons10Oral examination60