MTET17 - Multi-Functional Textile Materials

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Course titleMulti-Functional Textile Materials
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      ConditionNoneОблик условљености
      The goalThe course deals with the novel surface treatments of textile materials and the effects that could be achieved by their application. The students also get into the basic principles and practice of surface characterization methods and techniques.
      The outcomeThe students will be trained to design the processes and production steps according to the target superficial effects that should be obtained on the textile materials. They will be also trained to choose the correct surface characterization of methods and techniques. They will get skills for the work in industrial environment.
      Contents of lecturesSuperficial treatments of textile materials. ; Surface characterization methods. ; Adding functionality of textiles by superficial treatments. ; Multi-functional textile engineering ; ; ;
      Contents of exercises
      1. D.Jocić, P.Jovančić, M.Radetić, T.Topalović, Z.Lj.Petrović, Adding functionality to Textiles by Novel Superficial Treatments, Chemical Industry, 57, No. 10, 491-499 (2003).
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      5. C.M.Pastore, P.Kiekens, Eds., Surface Characteristics of Fibers and Textiles, Marcel Dekker (2001).
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      Methods of teachingLectures, Seminars
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      Pre obligationsPointsFinal examPoints
      Activites during lecturesTest paper
      Practical lessonsOral examination60