MIN473 - Metallurgy of rare and precious metals

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Course titleMetallurgy of rare and precious metals
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    ConditionnoОблик условљености
    The goalIntroduction to the processes and technological schemas of rare and precious metals in metallurgy with the ability to follow new technological solutions. Gaining engineering knowledge necessary for further training in the field of metal recycling, designing recycling technology and environmental protection.
    The outcomeGaining engineering knowledge required in metallic materials engineering, and for the further development in extractive metallurgy, metallurgy of rare metals, recycling and environmental protection.
    Contents of lectures• Preparation of raw material for rare and precious metals production • Procedures for production, process of reduction, refining and electrolytic process. • Powder metallurgy of rare metals, forming, pressing, sintering of powders. Refractory rare metals. • Metallurgy of uranium, preparation, leaching, salts refining, metallic uranium. • Metallurgy of scattered rare-earth metals. Light rare metals. • Producing and classification of high-purity metals. Procedures for metals refining, zonal refinement, fractional crystallization, forming of highly volatile compounds, thermal decomposition. Electrolysis of solution, melt and amalgam. • Selection of refining methods. Techno-economic parameters of individual operations.
    Contents of exercises Practical laboratory classes: preparation of ore, roasting, smelting and refining, preparation and leaching, solution purification
    1. B.Đurković, D.Đurković, Metalurgija retkih metala, TMF, Beograd (1991) 469. (Original title)
    2. Ž.Kamberović, Dobijanje teškotopivih metala iz domaćih sirovina, interni materijal (2005) 50. (Original title)
    3. Ž.Kamberović, D.Sinadinović, M.Korać, Metalurgija zlata i srebra, SIMS, 2006, 160. (Original title)
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    Activites during lectures15Test paper50
    Practical lessonsOral examination