MIN214 - Fundamentals of metals solidification

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Course titleFundamentals of metals solidification
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    The goalThe course is designed to allow acquiring fundamental knowledge in the field of metals solidification. In this course the mechanism of nucleation and growth, and mathematical analysis of the changes that occur on the solid/liquid interface at different solidification conditions, well be studied.
    The outcomeBy acquiring fundamental knowledge in the field of solidification of metals, students will be able to understend the complex changes that occur during solidification process. Understending the mechanism of nucleation and growth, on the one hand, and knowledge of mathematical analysis of the changes that occur on the solid/liquid interface, on the other, will allow students to design precisely defined solidification microstructures.
    Contents of lecturesIn this course well be studied: Solidification microstructure. Solute redistribution. Capillarity effects. Heat transfer theory. Atom transfer at the solid/liquid interface. Nucleation. Conditions for nucleation. Rate of nucleus formation. Interface structure.Faceted and nonfaceted structures.Single-phase growth. Diffusion controlled growth. Dendrite growth. Mathematical analysis of dendrite growth. Multiphase growth. Mechanism of two-phase eutectics growth. The theory of the growth of irregular eutectics. Analysis of the capillarity effect. Defining eutectic interphase spacing. Competitive growth of dendritic and eutekctic phases. Peritectic growth. Segregation. Microsegregation. Macrosegregation.
    Contents of exercisesPractical lessons are not anticipated within this course.
    1. M. Filipović, Osnovi očvršćavanja metala, SIMS, Beograd, 2008. (Original title)
    2. W.Kurz, D.J.Ficher, Fundamental of solidification, Trans. Tech. SA, Switherland, 1984. (Original title)
    3. C.Flemings, Solidification Processing, Mc Graw-Hill, New York, 1974. (Original title)
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