IZS49 - Equipment and Process Design in Environmental Engineering

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Course titleEquipment and Process Design in Environmental Engineering
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    ConditionMechanical Unit Operations, Mass Unit OperationsОблик условљености
    The goal1. Itroduction of students with basic principals of equipment design and calculation for waste gas and water cleaning processes. ; 2. Student introduction to methodology of equipment and process design with CAD programs. ; 3. Enabling of students for self-sufficient design and calculation of two small projects for waste gas and water cleaning. ; 4. Introduction of team work and team problem solution. ;
    The outcome1. Students attain knowledge and ability to design basic equipment and to form process scheme for the cleansing processes. ; 2. Students attain knowledge to apply SuperPro Designer� on basic environmental engineering processes. ; 3. Students gain insight for industrial process levels. ; 4. Students have perceived importance of team work in the engineers project team. ;
    Contents of lecturesCourse introduce students with basic design of the industrial processes for waste gas and water ; flow cleaning, together with needed equipment, working conditions and other project ; parameters. Students learn modern methodology for project design using SuperPro Designer. ; Course units: (i) cleaning of gas flows: particle removal (basic equipment, cyclone design, ; baghouse filters, electrostatic precipitators and scrubers), removal of gas pollutants (absorption ; and adsorption columns with trays and packaging), (ii) cleaning of water flows: ; pretreatment, primary removal (sedimentation), secondary removal (activated sludge ; processes). ;
    Contents of exercisesPractical part include examples of the calculation of basic equipment working parameters, and ; its simulation using SuperPro Designer for gas and water cleaning processes. Students divided ; in groups solve two small projects for gas and water flow cleaning using SuperPro Designer. ; Projects include selection and design of needed equipment, solving material and energetic ; balances, and making process scheme. ;
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