IZS47 - Air Pollution Control

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Course titleAir Pollution Control
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    Condition157 points Облик условљености
    The goalAcquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge about technologies and equipment for controlling emissions of atmospheric pollutants. Besides the basic principles of the operation and design of the equipment itself, a comparative analysis of different technologies and devices is performed, especially relating to their selection and application for various emission control requirements.
    The outcomeGaining competencies about technologies and equipment for emission control, as well as the specific guidelines for their application. By visiting the industrial facilities, students will become acquainted with practical aspects of these technologies and operating equipment for pollution control.
    Contents of lecturesAir pollution: types and sources. Atmospheric dispersion of pollutants. Particulate pollution control. Equipment and devices for emission control: deposition chambers, inertial separators, cyclones, scrubbers, filters, electrostatic precipitators. Control of gaseous pollutants: absorption, adsorption, combustion. Technologies for removal of sulfur, nitrogen, chlorine and fluorine compounds.
    Contents of exercisesCalculations of key parameters for main types of equipment. Visiting industrial facilities and/or power plants and becoming acquainted with the applied technologies and equipment for controlling air pollution.
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